Top 10 Best Coffee Tables Brands In 2019

Coffee Tables make up the centerpiece of your living room and they provide much more than just a place to put your cup of coffee as you read the evening paper. A number of brands exist out there but we have made a collection of the best coffee table brands to help you choose one that will best suit your need.

We have taken into consideration, what they look like, how long they will last, how much they cost as well as the different things you can use them for. Here are the best of them all.

Table of The Best Coffee Tables Brands


Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Mestler Coffee Table

10. Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Mestler Coffee Table

Ashley Signature Design is known for creating an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort in the living room. This coffee table does just that. Its rustic look will add accent to your living room and it is wide enough to sit a coffee pot and cups when you host visitors.

It is also functional with the lower slat-style lower shelf where you can put books and other items that add accent to your living room. At just under 50 pounds, the table is easy to move around. There are a few complaints though about the color of the lower shelf and some people do not like its design.

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Ameriwood Home Carver Coffee Table

9. Ameriwood Home Carver Coffee Table

It is a well-finished centerpiece for your living room. It combines practicality with refined beauty. The top is perfect for placing a decorative piece as well as storing your remote and favorite magazines. There is a bottom shelf too which you can use to keep larger books or even decorative sculptures.

The finishing makes it versatile for different room themes, you can pull off a rustic or modern look with this Ameriwood coffee table. It is quite solid and if you choose to sit on it as you flip through channels, there is no risk of it giving way. Some people though have complained that assembly was not as easy as they would have liked.

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Alaterre AZMBA1120 Sonoma Rustic

8. Alaterre AZMBA1120 Sonoma Rustic

The combination of solid wood top and metal legs makes for a table that will last long. The natural wood top gives your room character and every visitor is bound to take notice of the presence of the coffee table.

It is not so large and this would be something you would go for if you have a small living space but still want something beautiful to organize your living room. You can store items on the top as well as the bottom shelf. This is indeed a solid piece with elegance added to it.

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Best Choice Products Home Lift Top Coffee Table

7. Best Choice Products Home Lift Top Coffee Table

This coffee table scores highly when it comes to functionality. It is not your conventional coffee table as it features a top that can be lifted to provide a worktop. There is also extra storage space where you can put things out of sight as well as others on display.

It will provide a contemporary look for any home and the combination of solid wood and metal means it is durable. A number of people love it while a few wish it also came with wheels so that you can move it easily especially when you want to use the raised worktop for your laptop.

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Winsome Genoa Glass Top Coffee Table

6. Winsome Genoa Glass Top Coffee Table

Get away from the norm and embrace something different but still exquisite and elegant. The tempered glass in the center is surrounded by well finished solid wood. The glass on its own can provide decorative accent to a living room.

The table is well designed with flared legs for a touch of aesthetic architecture. There is a lower shelf which is the best place to keep items as opposed to letting them cover the glass. It would have been great though if the glass was more firm as some people say it vibrates if, for example, you have a strong bass speaker near it.

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Sauder 420011 Coffee Table

5. Sauder 420011 Coffee Table

It is a combination of the old and the new. The oak finishing gives a rustic look while the lift top is a more modern trend in coffee table design. The top can lift up to reveal storage space underneath and you can work on the raised top.

The table is versatile and looks good. Unlike a number of furniture that you may find trouble putting together with no one to help, the Saunder call center is readily available to take your call and walk you through set up.

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ClosetMaid 1311 Table

4. ClosetMaid 1311 Table

This table is ideal for small living spaces. It provides extra storage space as well as a wide enough surface to put drinks or dinner as you watch TV. It would be perfect in just about any living room thanks to its design that can blend in easily.

The cherry on the top is that this is also one of the most affordable coffee tables. Its budget price, however, does not affect its quality and durability. the combination of wood and metal makes it strong.

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Dorel Living Faux Marble Lift Top

3. Dorel Living Faux Marble Lift Top

The marble top is the highlight of this coffee table, it gives it an exquisite look for a person looking to add class to their living room. It has no bottom shelf which makes it easier to clean under but it makes up for that with the lift top which reveals storage space.

It is compact and provides sufficient space for whatever you want to do on the table and it is easy to clean and maintain without ending up with stains and marks on the surface.

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Dorel Living Faux Marble Lift Top Storage Coffee Table, Black

2. Dorel Living Faux Marble Lift Top Storage Coffee Table, Black

The Dorel also comes in black for an elegant look that can blend in easily into any living room setting. the lift top is convenient for when you need a higher surface to put a laptop and work or even when you want to eat.

The storage underneath is adequate for things you may want to keep out of sight or even to prevent clutter on the top of the table.

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Sauder Edge Water Lift-Top Coffee Table

1. Sauder Edge Water Lift-Top Coffee Table

This is the right combination of functionality and beauty. This table features a wide top sufficient for use as a table as you host guests or as a worktop. It has storage underneath the top to keep things out of sight as well as open storage under the table for more stuff.

This table is solid and durable made from strong wood. You do not have to move it closer to you since the top raises and then moves forward. It is also cheaper than other coffee tables that do not have the same functionality.

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The Sauder Edge is the clear favorite here, it can fit into any home and provides extra storage and versatility. It probably costs less than some shoes you may own and yet it will last longer than them.

Choosing furniture though is a personal choice so even after this recommendation, it is understandable if you find any of the other 10 options more suitable.

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