Best Luggage Racks In 2020 Reviews

There are instances when you have to store some items that you don’t want to put away in your storeroom. Generally, the modern urban homes don’t give much space to store extra items. Moreover, with a chance that you may have to access your luggage any time soon, you may not wish to pack it and put it in a storeroom. So, in such cases, the luggage racks come in very handy. These provide you a chance to store your items without any hassle and access them whenever you like.
Luggage racks stand among the appreciated pieces which are popular among people who stay at home as well as with those who travel frequently. For former, it gives a chance to put things in a handy distance and access them with ease and for latter it makes a convenient travel item that allows you to unpack and pack without getting into trouble.
However, the market has gone versatile and today you have a ton of styles in luggage racks. So, we have come up with the top 10 best luggage racks in 2020 that you may find useful.
Our picks for the best luggage racks in 2020
After doing detailed research and going through a ton of different products, here is our list of top 10 best luggage racks in 2020.

10. Winsome Wood Reese Luggage Rack

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At number 10 we have the Winsome wood Reese luggage rack. This rack is built to hold the weight of your suitcases as there is solid wood used in its making. The espresso finish adds some style to its outlook while the reliability of Winsome makes it a worthy choice.
This rack can help you in holding the luggage for easy packing and unpacking. You get a lower shelf too which can hold a few different smaller items. People may also like to use the lower shelf for keeping shoes or placing items that they use on a day to day basis. The rack weighs around 12 pounds and has a decent size which makes it a good fit for your rooms.
As for the durability, the product is made up of strong wood which is built to withstand good weight. It has solid straps that are made of high-quality fiber and can bear some exposure to weather. However, you have to be cautious about using it outside as this piece of furniture is built to support your guest rooms. The top shelf can hold up to 75 pounds weight while the bottom part is capable of holding 25 pounds (100 pounds in total).

Special features
Made of solid wood
Comes with espresso finish for added style
Features a foldable design
Lower shelf gives you additional space for organizing your items

Weighs a little over 12 pounds

9. Lipper International 502W Folding Rack

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Most of the racks have a darker finish or you may find some with metal or chrome touch. However, it is hard to find a white rack that stands out from the competition and has some usability as well. Consider the Lipper International 502W Folding Luggage rack that is made up of painted Brazilian pine wood. The rack has three nylon straps at the top while at the bottom you’ll find some shoe storage space.
As for the usability, the rack is great for people who travel frequently. It is foldable, has reasonably decent dimensions, and standing at 27 inches tall it weighs only 8 pounds. So, for a traveler, it makes a perfect partner. Even if you plan on placing it in a room, the rack is likely to blend in with the surroundings because of its looks and can hold as much as 100 lbs weight.

Special features
Made from Brazilian pine wood
27 inches height is just perfect
Comes with a shoe space

White color may not blend in with darker surroundings easily

8. Kings Brand Black Metal Folding Luggage

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Some individuals don’t like the wooden luggage racks so you can opt for this metal King’s Brand folding luggage rack. It is made from a black metal frame with a nylon strap top. The feet are made of rubber to assure minimal to no scratching on your floor.
With the build of this rack, it has a versatile use. People can choose this to be their extra table during picnic days as it is great for outdoor use because of its metal frame. The weather resistance is going to be good and by placing a big tray of the slab at the top you can easily use it as a table for your outdoor adventures. There are 4 nylon straps which can bear decent weight while the product itself weighs only 5.7 pounds.

Special features
Black metal frame
Rubber feet to prevent scratching and scuffing
Lightweight build

Loose and poor stitching of straps

7. Kings Brand Chrome Black Metal High Back Luggage Rack

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Some people find it hard to put an item on the rack. At times you may search for some support to balance the item and assure that it won’t fall. So, why not have a rack that gives additional support to you? Well, the Kings Brand Chrome Black Metal High Back Luggage Rack is an item that you’ll surely find useful. Made of chrome steel, the black nylon straps with back support gives you a chance to put serious weight on it.
The design of this product is unique and the extended handle, giving it a look of a folding chair, makes it easy for you to move your items around. It gives you space to handle medium sizes suitcases and there is no need of placing an additional flat board on your rack to assure that your items won’t fall around. With foldable design and only 7 pounds weight, you can carry it around with ease.

Special features
Lightweight build
Additional support from extended handle
No need to place a flat board for balancing bigger items

Adjusting chrome color in rooms can be a tough ask

6. Wooden Mallet WallSaver Luggage Rack

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If design and style is what you seek and you want to give your guest room a lavish appeal, the Wooden mallet WallSaver is an option for you to consider. It has a lovely design with Mahogany brown wooden build that not only makes durable but appealing as well. Usually, you’ll find such racks in good hotel rooms to ease the stay of their guests.
Don’t get taken away only by the solid oak wood construction and elegant build, there is much more to its usability. You get an extended handle for supporting your luggage while the straps at the top can hold as much as 100 pounds weight. Therefore, not only it looks great but the rack is equally decent when we talk about its usability.

Special features
Can bear 100 lbs weight
Oakwood build is pretty durable
Finish is exquisite
Features a foldable design with an extended handle

Not good for outdoor or travel use

5. Whitmor Chrome Luggage Rack

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Considering this Whitmor Chrome Luggage Rack, you will find simplicity at its best. If you are a fan of minimalism and want a simple and sleek rack that fulfills the requirements regarding functionality, you should take a look at this product. It comes with a steel construction and the rack is built with a purpose, to be used anywhere you want. Whether you look towards indoor usage or outdoor carriage, this item is going to be a perfect companion.
With so many different ways of using the racks, there is no question about how you’ll be using it or what the flat surface with 4 nylon straps can do for you. It is a question of how you are going to utilize the given rack to your advantage. This luggage has a modest weight of only 5.3 pounds and can bear around 50 pounds.

Special features
Ideal for indoor and outdoor usage
5.3 lbs lightweight construction
Foldable design
Versatile usage

A touch too simple
Can bear only 50 pounds weight

4. Winsome Wood Luggage Rack

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Winsome Wood Luggage Rack features a curvy and elegant design that is perfect for any guest room. It has style and attraction which will capture the eyes of almost anyone. You can use it as a luggage rack to pack or unpack your items or put a flat board at the top to make it a small table. The composite wood construction makes it a durable product that can support as much as 70 pounds weight.
The curvy design gives it an appealing and luxurious look. The rack itself weighs only 6.7 lbs and stands at 20-inch height. You can place it at the side of a bed with a flat board at its top and use it as a table for your convenience.

Special features

Lightweight construction
Espresso finish adds elegance
A unique curvy design

Because of the curve in legs that don’t fold flat

3. C&A Home Suitcase Luggage Stand

UNKU Folding Luggage Rack with Storage Shelf, Bamboo Suitcase Luggage Stand for Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room, Guest Room, Natural Color

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Standing among the best in the top 10 best luggage racks in 2020, the C&A Home Suitcase Luggage Stand is certainly a precious item to add to your guest room. It is a simple lovely wooden rack that has solid construction and durable build. You get a folding design with supporting dimensions and appropriate height which aids in space-saving.
The rack is made up of bamboo wood which makes it an eco-friendly option. With a bottom shoe rack and top wooden board, you can throw away the problem of sagging which is often present with nylon straps. Place your shoes at the bottom, luggage at the top, or use the top board as a table to put drinks on it, the choice of use is completely up to you.

Special features
Bamboo construction is eco-friendly
Comes with a space-saving design
Wooden top and bottom
Simple folding and storing

The top board may be a bit small for bigger luggage

2. Deluxe Folding Wood Luggage Rack

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An exquisite walnut finish is on display with this Deluxe Folding Wood Luggage Rack that has an exceptionally good build and sturdy design. The rack is completely assembled and ready to use as it is shipped to your place and you can simply unfold it to start with it. With a foldable design, you can put it away if required and unfold it only when required.
There are two shelves of this rack with the top one featuring 4 heavy-duty nylon straps while the bottom shelf made for shoe holding is made of wood. While the product offers long-lasting durability, it certainly is a matter of how you are going to use it because placing more weight is likely to loosen the straps.

Special features
Bottom shelf offers more storage space
Exquisite walnut finish
Foldable design
Shipped fully assembled and ready to use

Not very versatile in its use compared to some other products in this list

1. BirdRock Home Bamboo Suitcase Rack

BirdRock Home Luggage Rack Stand

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Beautiful build, simple construction, top, and bottom shelves, what else you can demand in a rack? BirdRock Home Bamboo Suitcase Rack, as the name suggests, is made of bamboo which means it is an eco-friendly product. The wooden finish is great to complement the surroundings of your guest room while the nylon straps are strong enough to hold some serious weight.
There is a bottom rack that gives you additional storage space. Most of the people see it as a shelf for their shoes. However, it can assist you in several other ways as you can put a ton of different things on it, assuring that they are conveniently within your reach.

Special features
Two shelves for luggage, shoes, and other storing options
Simple eco-friendly bamboo wood construction
Stunning appeal and lightweight design
Foldable construction makes it easy to store

Weight 10 lbs

Final words
So, these were our top 10 best luggage racks in 2020 reviews. Keep in mind that you are shopping for a luggage rack and there are a few different ways in which you can use it. So, identify how you wish to use a rack before buying one as it will help you in making the right selection.

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