10 Best Modern Dining Chairs Brands For 2019 Reviews

Your dining area should be more than just a place to have a meal and go. It is a chance for you to wow your guests, it is a place where you can sit and relax, it is a place for the kids to do their homework, and so much more. It is important that you choose the best kitchen & dining room chairs to ensure that you are comfortable and the area looks beautiful.

When choosing the best furniture, you need to consider how comfortable you will feel as you have your dinner, whether the chair will be able to withstand your weight, if it will be easy to move around and how durable they are. Aesthetics too play a big role in deciding what to choose.

We have taken the different features into consideration and gathered expert opinions to come up with the top 10 best modern dining room chairs brands in 2019 and this is our list below.

Table of the Best Modern Dining Chairs:


Poly and Bark Burton Side Chair In Clear

10. Poly and Bark Burton Side Chair In Clear

Give your kitchen or dining room an artistic look with these transparent chairs. They are pretty much the definition of creativity but despite being transparent, they are hardened to withstand weight. You can even use them outdoors as they are UV protected so they will not get spoiled.

Customers who ordered this say they were attracted by the stylish look and they have since been able to attract admiration of visitors as well as provide solid sitting facility. There are a few complaints from really heavy people who say the chairs cannot withstand their weight.

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Merax Dining Chair

9. Merax Dining Chair

For a more comfortable dining chair, this upholstered pair of chairs can do the job. They are soft and provide an upright sitting posture with a small armrest. The nails around the upholstery are both functional and aesthetic. The material used is breathable.

Customer reviews describe these chairs as comfortable and nice to have in the house as they look good. There is, however, an issue that the fabric cannot be removed and washed so if soup or something similar pours, it may become a permanent stain.

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Winsome Wood Windsor Chair

8. Winsome Wood Windsor Chair

You can give your kitchen or dining room a classic but stylish look with these all wooden chairs. They come in a set of 2 and are good for people who like large backrests. They can support a maximum weight of 220 pounds which is about the weight of the average adult.

You can choose to add to the comfort by putting a cushion. Customer reviews indicate satisfaction with the purchase though one customer says they had to level the legs as the chairs seemed not to stand flat on the floor.

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Poly and Bark Vortex Side Chair with Walnut Legs

7. Poly and Bark Vortex Side Chair with Walnut Legs

These polypropylene chairs are beautiful and will add style to whichever room you choose to have them in your house. They are made from strong durable plastic and the contrast between the chair and the legs gives a great design. The metal legs look like wood.

If you are worried about marks on your floor, do not be because these have caps on the legs to prevent them from scratching the floor. Some people though had trouble assembling them and had to use a professional.

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Mr Direct Urban Style Leather Dining Chairs

6. Mr Direct Urban Style Leather Dining Chairs

Add a touch of elegance and luxury to your eating area with these leather dining chairs. They are made from durable PU leather and look really nice. The chairs are strong and can take on the weight of a heavy person yet they are not too heavy, even a child would not have trouble pulling out their chair.

Reviews from customers say they are worth the money spent. They are easy to assemble though you will need to sacrifice some time to get all 4 of them set up.

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Poly and Bark Burton Arm Chair

5. Poly and Bark Burton Arm Chair

If you like transparent chairs, these will wow you and they also have an armrest which makes them even more comfortable. They have a Victorian design but the transparency adds modern style to them. They are made from hardened poly plastic.

Most of the people who go in for these chairs have a taste for the extraordinary and like furniture that capture attention. You however need to be careful if you have kids who may scratch them with their cutlery.

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Furmax Metal Dining Chair Tolix Style

4. Furmax Metal Dining Chair Tolix Style

These are very versatile chairs that can be used both indoor and outdoor. They are metallic so they can take extra weight moreover they have a metal crossing under the seat to give more support. They can also be stacked to create space.

Most customer reviews agree that they are sturdy and durable. You need however to be careful not to scratch them as you stack them up as that affects how they will look after years of use.

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Roundhill Furniture Habit Solid Wood Tufted Parsons

3. Roundhill Furniture Habit Solid Wood Tufted Parsons

You would imagine these are the kind of chairs you would find in a castle, but you can turn your kitchen into a castle with them. They are soft and comfortable and tall people will appreciate the long backrest. It also has deep tufting which makes it more comfortable.

These chairs look and feel good. They are what you need to give your dining a facelift it deserves and they are worth every penny.

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Poly and Bark Trattoria Side Chair

2. Poly and Bark Trattoria Side Chair

Now, these chairs are a hit with so many people. They are a best seller and that is possible because you can use them for so many things not just in the kitchen dining. You could have them outside on the patio, at a roadside cafe or even as side chairs in the living room.

They are very durable and their style just never gets outdated. Heavy people can sit on them without worrying about them giving way.

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Cosco 2-Pack Wood Folding Chair

1. Cosco 2-Pack Wood Folding Chair

These are simple yet elegant. You can turn any space into a dining area and then revert it to its original purpose with these folding chairs. You diner guests will be comfortable. They also add to the aesthetics of your kitchen with their deep wooden colour.

So many people are impressed by these chairs look, sturdiness and practicality. It also helps that they are not as expensive as some of the others you may find.

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When it comes to furniture, each one wants what they want so it is hard to dictate which you should go for. The majority of these chairs are beautiful and strong and this list incorporates different designs to meet every demand so in the end just go for what impresses you the most.

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