Top 10 Best Portable Infrared Heater Brands In 2019 Reviews

The Best Portable Infrared Heater Consumer Reports are essential for warming up a room. Winter is freezing and what a perfect way to kick out the cold than having a portable item. This high-quality collection that we have come up with will help you get the best for heating up your home. The  Portable Infrared Heater and its features are easy to move from one place to another because of its lightweight weight.  Not only that, but it’s good for us to work with and it’s brand name. If this content doesn’t have what you need, shop a wider Best Portable Infrared Heater Consumer Reports on Amazon to find the right one for your home.

Are infrared heaters brand safe for your healthy family?

Fortunately, an infrared heater has no particulates, so you’re home is sheltered! Also, an infrared room heater won’t upset the air like an ordinary fan-constrained warmer would. With convection, air is coursed around the region and numerous unsafe particles are continually pushed around the room.

Do infrared heaters brands really work?

That undetectable light gets consumed through our skin, garments and different articles, which is the way things around an infrared heater up.  It’s difficult to make speculations about infrared heater since there are such a large number of various particulars. The infrared heater can be fueled by power, flammable gas, or propane.

What is the best-infrared heater brand on the market?

How much does it cost to run a 1500 watt heater for 24 hours?

  • A thousand.
  • watts is equal to one kilowatt, so 1,500 watts is.
  • equal to 1.5 kilowatts.
  • This means for each hour the space heater is running it consumes 1.5 kWh of electricity, which costs about 16 cents.

Current Best Infrared Heater Consumer Reports

list of the best Infrared Heater Consumer Reports


Della 1500-Watt Portable Infrared Space Cabinet Heater

10. Della 1500-Watt Portable Infrared Space Cabinet Heater

This Della 1500-Watt Portable Infrared Space Cabinet Heater has multitude beneficial features that one can take utilize. Its infrared heating tube elements are durable so that a room has a warm touch for longer.

It works up to 1000sq.ft, and there is a wireless remote to have a convenient and comfortable control. Three separate heat settings can be used according to different users. It has an ECO mode which makes it energy saving. It’s safe and has an overheat cut-off.

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  • It is perfect for zone heating and is low on energy use, so you can turn down the thermostat this winter.
  • The multitude of beneficial settings and operational modes to ensure that it will operate at peak levels of performance and versatility.
  • The heating element is designed to provide nearly instant heat upon initial operation.
  • The realistic flame effect with glowing log and ember bed can operate with or without heat, providing the ambiance of a gentle rolling fire all year long.
  • 2 different heat settings, a fully programmable 12-hour timer
  • Large LED display panel with simple and easy push button controls to alter your desired temperature or overall performance settings.
  • Easy glide caster makes moving the heater from room to room easy.
  • Comes complete with a remote for wireless operation.

VonHaus Electric Stove Heater Portable Home Fireplace

9. VonHaus Wood Electric 4 Element Infrared Fan Heater
This gives the electric stove heater the additional benefit of being decorative when heat isn’t required, making it perfect for use all year round.
Not just for the colder months, the fire effect and fan can also be used independently of the heater. Stay warm and comfortable all year long with the stylish VonHaus Electric Fan Heater – a classic and useful addition to any modern living space.The four heating panels and the two heat settings, eco mode included, on it will allow you to have the ideal temperature. It distributes heat evenly and in silence. The remote that it comes with gives a range of 10-16feet. The lifetime air filter is washable.

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  • 4 infrared components, 2 warm settings, and 500W eco setting.
  • Computerized indoor regulator control with 12-hour clock. Calm parchment fan conveys warm equally.
  • Highlights tip over cut off security switch and lifetime launderable air channel.
  • Customary wooden plan with a cool touch edge and advanced show.
  • Incorporates remote control with a 10-16 feet go.

Ivation Portable Electric Space Heater

8. Ivation Portable Electric Space Heater

The Electric Space Heater has maintained the desired room temperature with less power and better efficiency. This item has six eco-friendly and powerful infrared quartz elements that give optimal performance.

The LCD control panel is easy to read, or one can use a remote control. It comes with three preset heat settings. The stunning dark wood cabinet that it has been designed with makes it an attractive piece with smooth rolling casters.

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  • Eco-accommodating Infrared Quartz Elements Radiate Heat to Warm Area; Maintain Room Temperature With Less Power and Better Efficiency
  • Select From Low, High or Eco Heat [68°F] Modes; Safety Features Include Child Lock, Overheat and Tip-Over Shutoffs and Cleanable Air Filter
  • Convenient, Decorative Unit Boasts a Stunning Dark Wood Cabinet, Smooth Rolling Casters, Illuminated Easy Read Display and Mini Remote

Haier 3 Setting 1500W 5100 BTU Infrared Heater

7. Haier 3 Setting 1500W 5100 BTU Infrared Heater

The Setting 1500W 5100 BTU Infrared Heater, Beat the winter cold with this heater that comes with a dark oak finish that will add a touch of class to the home. It has three heat elements that convert 1500watts if power into warm temperatures.

The heat setting includes high, low and eco that one can decide to heat up a room. There are safe heating features on it including an internal switch which automatically turns off the heater when it has been tipped.

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  • Arrives in an alluring dull oak complete bureau.
  • Safe warming highlights incorporate an inside turn that naturally kills the radiator when tipped.
  • The computerized show board highlights temperature, clock and high/low/eco mode controls.
  • The programmed clock empowers coordinated warming from 1 to 12 hours.
  • The remote control offers advantageous control of on/off, temperature, clock and mode choices.

Heat Storm Preston Portable Infrared Space Heater

6. Heat Storm Preston Portable Infrared Space Heater

The HMS technology is used in this product, combined with moisture in a room, so it provides safe heat without oxygen loss or moisture. This is because it has an air purifying function that is inbuilt.

It is also small so that it can conveniently fit in most rooms and the casters make it easy to move around. The LED display and the remote control makes it simple to customize the settings.

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  • This compact 1500 watt infrared radiator has the ability to warm up to 1000 sq. ft (w/supplemental warming) with its 5200 BTU warm yield.
  • Our licensed warmth exchanger with HMS Technology joins with dampness in the space to give delicate, safe warmth without lessening oxygen or moistness.
  • Little helpful size makes this ideal for any room in the house. Discretionary castors make it simple for you to move from space to room or wherever you may require some additional warmth. Vitality Efficient mode, lessens wattage from 1500 to 750.

Lifelux Slim-Line Infrared Portable Electric Space Heater, Black

5.Lifelux Slim Line Infrared Portable Electric Space Heater, Black

The Lifelux Slim-line Infrared Heaters with a Smart Boost Instant Heat and metal wrapped element technology utilizes a combination of infrared heating elements within an optimized heat chamber to kick start the heating process grade faster than standard infrared heaters.

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  • There are 3 warm settings to help enhance working effectiveness and a 12-hour tally up and tally down clock to kill the unit on and.
  • All highlights can be controlled with the included grand remote control.
  • Appreciate cutting-edge innovation and infrared warmth with the Lifesmart Lifelux Infrared Tower.

Duraflame 9HM9126-O142 Portable Electric Infrared Quartz Heater

4. Duraflame 9HM9126-O142 Portable Electric Infrared Quartz Heater

Get moist and comfortable heat without drying out the room’s air when utilizing this beautifully designed heater. It comes in an oak cabinet. It saves one both money and energy with its zone heating feature.

Having customized temperatures for each room is possible with it as it can be adjusted according to the different users. It is safe for kids and pets as its surface remains cool even after continuous use.

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  • 5,200 BTU warmer gives supplemental zone warming to up to 1,000 square feet.
  • The infrared warmth keeps up the regular dampness inside the air, bringing about wet, agreeable warmth without drying out the room’s air.
  • Alright for children and pets – remains cool to the touch.
  • Overheat security, warmer will in a split second close off before overheating.
  • Flexible indoor regulator enables you to choose the temperature of your room.

Dr. Heater DR966 240-volt Hardwired Shop Garage Commercial Heater

3. Dr. Heater DR966 240-volt Hardwired Shop Garage Commercial Heater

If you are looking for a commercial, heater then this is the best that you can consider. Dr. Heater DR966 offers safe, comfortable and quick heat and can be utilized in schools, warehouses, church and even hospitals among other places.

It is entirely enclosed in a heavy bearing motor which is permanently lubricated to give it a long life. It has five adjustable louvers on its rugged and stamped steel cover.

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  • Overwhelming Duty 240V Single Phase 3000/6000W Commercial Electric Heater.
  • Power string excluded in the unit. Measurements: Overall Height – Top to Bottom: – 14.5″. General Width – Side to Side: – 13″.
  • A powerfully 8-inch fan furnish greatest wind stream with least turbulence and clamor, tenderly conveys warmth through your range.
  • 5 Adjustable Louvers for to Direct Airflow.

Ivation 5,100 BTU 1500W Electric Best Portable Infrared Heater Consumer

2. Ivation 5,100 BTU Infrared Quartz Fireplace – 1500W Electric Best Portable Infrared Heater Consumer

Have cozy warmth being produced from an attractive ambiance. The original fireplace display glowing fire and logs makes it beautiful. The brightness level and the heat settings can be adjusted. It has a digital control panel.

The three infrared elements make it give an efficient performance. It also comes with a handheld remote control. The components used in making it are safe.

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  • Advantageous Space Heater Provides Cozy Warmth and Attractive Ambiance for Living Room, Bedroom, Den or Family Room.
  • Prudent Design Includes Three Quartz Infrared Elements That Radiate Heat to Help Maintain Room Temperature.
  • Indoor regulator Shows Temperature, Heat Mode, Timer and Flame Effect Settings; Choose Low, High or Eco Heat Mode.
  • Arrives Fully Assembled With Handheld Remote Control, Fan Filter, Stunning Oak Wood Cabinet, Rolling Casters and Safety Turn off Features.

LifeSmart 750W Infrared Quartz 14″ Mini Fireplace Heater

1. Lifesmart 6 Element Large Room Portable Infrared Quartz Electric Heater

with the high-performance capabilities of the Lifesmart Large Room six Element Infrared Heater & Remote. This heater boasts Six quartz infrared heating elements and Smart Boost Technology using Two mica heating elements for faster heat up. It also features 3 heat settings, a 12-hour programmable timer, and a lifetime washable filter.

There is no noise when it is operating. There are many brands available, but this article saves you the trouble of going through endless lists.  Why stay in a cold room while you can safely warm it up.

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  • Gives Infrared Warmth to a Large Room, 3 Heat Settings Including 500 Watt Eco Setting.
  • 12 Hour Start and Stop Timer, Stylish 2 Tone Wood Cabinet.
  • Computerized Thermostat with Remote.
  • Calm Scroll Fan Circulates Heat, Lifetime Air Filter.
  • Lifesmart star/Lifesmart corp.


If you have an Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater for home use, it’s great this winter, because it allows us to get the heat from it. It’s not only that, it’s a home remodel, because it’s exquisitely refined, and it’s perfect for today’s technology. Overall, we should review your daily health by changing the weather. We should have the tools to protect and care for your family if you think about your daily health.

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