10 Best Pressure Washer Brands For 2019 Reviews

Gone are the days when we would struggle with a brush and a garden hose to get the stubborn dirt off our patio and different outdoor surfaces. with improved technology, we can call on the Pressure Washer and in no time the deed is done. In this review, we will introduce you to the best pressure washer brands so that you can join the 21st century and make quick work of washing the car or the walkway.

When making a choice, you got to pay attention to the amount of pressure that it lets out. this is usually indicated in PSI, the higher the better. but pressure alone may not be enough, it needs to have good flow to help you get the task done quickly. You also would not want to be limited to one level of intensity so find out if there is an option of variations. Generally, we would advise you to pay attention to the key features of the unit and also find something that is easy to move around.

Table  of the best brands.


Sun Joe SPX4000

10. Sun Joe SPX4000

You can cut down all kinds of dirt down to size with this SPX4000. It comes with 5 cleaning tips which give you different pressure right from intense to low. With a maximum pressure of 2030 PSI, you can handle just about every kind of dirt in the home or on your car.
Customers say it is very easy to set up and it does a good job of cleaning concrete sidewalks and even gets dirt out of cracks. The long hose and cord also allow you to go far easy without using an extension.

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Sun Joe SPX3001

9. Sun Joe SPX3001

This pressure washer combines power with performance and versatility to give you a very effective cleaning tool for different outdoor cleaning tasks. The 2030 PSI pressure is just what you need and you can determine the level of intensity using the 5 tips provided. It also has an auto-off feature which saves energy when the trigger is not pressed.
The detergent tank can store up to 1.2 litres and the extension wand measures 34 inches. It is easy to pull around and sits stable on the ground. Many people say they like the winding feature for the hose which makes it easy to store it.

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AR Blue Clean AR390SS

8. AR Blue Clean AR390SS

This pressure washer comes highly rated by consumer report. It offers a total of 65 feet radius with its 30ft hose and 35ft power cord. The cleaner sprays out water at 2000 PSI and you can choose from the 4 pressure nozzles that it comes with to vary the intensity of the pressure.
It is able to save80 percent water yet it has more power than your ordinary garden hose. Customer ratings for this unit are quite good with most saying it is easy to use and they like the quick fix nozzles. For your heavy duty domestic cleaning, this is a pressure washer you can try.

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Ivation Electric Pressure Washer

7. Ivation Electric Pressure Washer

This washer is designed to give you total versatility in the tasks you handle. You can wash your vehicle, the patio, walkway or any other surface. It gives you 2200PSI which you can regulate with the different nozzles that come with it and there is a bonus turbo wand.
Moving this unit around is easy thanks to the 2 large wheels and when it is stationary, it is quite stable with no risk of tipping over. Customers who have used this for commercial cleaning, say it does a very good job and there is hardly any task it would fail to perform.

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Sun Joe SPX3000

6. Sun Joe SPX3000

This washer comes with 2 tanks for detergent so you can simultaneously store different types of detergents for different jobs. This is quite convenient when doing multiple cleaning. The 2030 PSI pressure is sufficient for any task and the 5 nozzle tips help you regulate the intensity.
Customers say this is a well designed and durable washer with sufficient pressure to remove even the toughest grime from different surfaces. It is comfortably portable and has ample reach with its long hose and cord.

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5. WEN PW31

This is a gas powered washer with a 208cc – 4 stroke engine that pumps out high pressure. It is capable of pumping 2.5 gallons of water per minute and you can regulate the pressure intensity using any of the 5 nozzles provided (0, 15, 25, 40 degrees and soap)you can use it on different terrain since it has 12-inch heavy duty wheels for easy movement.
Experts say this washer is not just about providing strong pressure, it couples it with good flow which makes it faster than many other washers when it comes to removing dirt. All in all, it is recommended as a quality washer at a fair price.

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Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer

4. Briggs & Stratton Electric Pressure Washer

With this washer, you do not have to change nozzles as it has a 7 in 1 nozzle system so just adjust the nozzle according to the job. It also has a higher water flow than most electric powered washers (3.5GPM).
One feature that seems to be mentioned in most customer reviews is the fact that it is quieter than most other washers. Most people also appreciate the 7 in 1 nozzle which saves a lot of time.

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SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228-S

3. SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228-S

There is no reason to entertain old dirt on your patio, in your garage or any concrete area around the home. With this washer, everything must go. It features really high pressure that can be adjusted according to the task you are tackling. It is easy to move around on different terrain and the cord and hose are long enough to reach different areas.
While the manufacturer says it is at a good price, a few people say it is expensive, well the bottom line is it is a solid washer that will last longer and even comes with a 3-year warranty. You will find it to be worth the investment.

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Stanley SLP2050

2. Stanley SLP2050

one feature that stands out about this washer is its ability to detach from the trolley so that you just carry it around or mount it on the wall. It also comes with leak-proof connections. It produces sufficient power to get surfaces clean quickly.
Using this washer saves a lot more water than using a garden hose. At first glance, this looks like an attractive washer and people who have used it say they are happy with its performance.

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1 SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S

1 SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S

This is the best of them all with just about everything you would look for in a pressure washer. It gives you exactly what you need to wash away dirt and leave the surface looking as clean as can be. Someone asked if this can be used to wash the dog, and the smart answer was, it depends on if the dog is living or not. That would give you an idea of how strong the pressure is.

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The factors that may determine which pressure washer you choose may be numerous but our researched opinion would be that you go with the SIMPSON MSH3125-S. However, the Stanley SLP2050 is quite appealing as well.Well, we have done our part and given you a list of the top 10 best pressure washer brands in 2019and now you can make a choice of any of them.

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