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10 Best Essential Oil

Essential oils are a must have products in our homes. We benefit from them in numerous ways from helping to calm and soothe our bodies to pain relief. Due to the various essential oils being produced every day it is tough for consumers to but the essential oils that are effective and of very high quality. We have taken the initiative of going through all the essential oils so as to help people identify the best essential oil in 2020. All these oils have different ingredient thus serving different purposes. It is, therefore, imperative for people to know what each essential oil is supposed to do before buying it.



doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil

10. doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is used many products from toothpaste to chewing gums. When employed in essential oils it helps in easing breathing as well as a digestive aid. It can be utilized for aromatic purposes, dietary use and even topical. It can also be used to relieve pain from a toothache. This essential oil is of very high quality and does not come with any additives, fillers or oil carriers. You should certainly try using this oil to enjoy its benefits.

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Majestic Pure Lemon Essential Oil

9. Majestic Pure Lemon Essential Oil

It has a very energizing and revitalizing scent. Majestic Pure Lemon Essential Oilt can be used for aromatherapy and also for skin care purpose. It is widely used in numerous household as antiseptic or in air fresheners. Lemon oil can also be used in laundry to remove the smell and also to clean greasy hands. It should only be utilized for the external purpose and should be kept out of rich by children as well as some pets.

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Eucalyptus Oil

8. Eucalyptus Oil

This oil is perfect for people who have respiratory problems. Its anti-inflammatory properties help it to provide relief to joint pains as well as arthritis. It helps in removing odor and also cleansing the air. It can be used in saunas and steam rooms. This oil is of very high quality and only comes with one ingredient that is undiluted steam distilled eucalyptus globulus. It has no filters, pesticides or carrier oils. This oil can also function as a repellant from insects such as mosquitoes.

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doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil

7. doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil can calm and relax the body helping the user to sleep peacefully and also eliminate tension. It is also perfect for soothing any skin irritations. Its aroma cannot be compared to that of other oils. One can also use it in bath water to help eliminate stress, especially when applied to the back of the neck. You can also use it on your linen, mattress, car and closet. It can be ingested alone or when cooking.

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doTerra OnGuard Essential Oil

6. doTerra OnGuard Essential Oil

This product is very safe for use on counter tops to cleanse the surfaces since it does not contain any toxins. It helps in purifying the atmosphere by through diffusion giving the place a perfect fragrance. It comes with wild orange essential oil that has clove, eucalyptus, rosemary and also cinnamon. These ingredients gives it a perfect natural scent, and it is better than the synthetic Options available today. The formula has a unique aroma, and it supports the health immune function.

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doTerra Essential Oils Introductory Kit with CD

5. doTerra Essential Oils Introductory Kit with CD

This introductory kit comes with an audio CD and booklet to give the user information regarding the benefits of these oils. A 5ml bottle of doTerra oil is included in the package. These oils vary from lemon, lavender, to peppermint. This introductory kit is a must have for an individual who wants to try and use this product of essential oils. One will be in a position to know what to expect from doTerra products.

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Art natural aromatherapy top 16 essential oil kit

4.Art natural aromatherapy top 16 essential oil kit

Art natural oils come in a set of 16 which contains: sweet orange, peppermint, grapefruit, rosemary, tea tree, lavender, lime, and tangerine among others. These oils can be used instead of candles or incense, and that are allergen free. They come with cleansing and fragrance benefits to the user. These oils do not contain any parabens, additives, fillers or carriers. These product can be used for aromatherapy, spa and home care, massage oils, muscle relief and also stress relief. They are also excellent with skin care.

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Living pure frankincense essential oil

3.Living pure frankincense essential oil

Frankincense makes it easier for one to diffuse the oils, blend and also mix with lotion before application. This oils contains no fillers, toxins or additives making the oil very pure. It works perfectly with aging skin since it contains anti-aging properties. It is also able to reduce arthritic and also provide relief from poison ivy rash. This oil is of quality and has been proven to be effective. You do not have any reason why you should not own yourself this product.

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Kis Oils

2. Kis Oils

These oils do not contain any additives and fillers making them 100% pure essential oils. Each come with about six bottles and droppers that help keep the oils fresh. These oils assist the user in achieving emotional, psychical, mental as well as spiritual well-being. They are made with essence plants that have been proven to be able to affect the welfare of people. You need to try this oils since it comes very highly recommended by its users.

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Best blend healing solutions

1. Best blend healing solutions

It contains a set of 6 therapeutic oils which include: head ease, muscle relief, health shield, stress relief, goodnight, and breath. They consist of various oil blends such as tea tree, lemon, lavender, orange, peppermint among others. This gives them fabulous fragrances that make them unique in the market. This product has also been approved by FDA. These oils are 100 percent therapeutic in nature and should only be used externally.

Getting quality service from the essential oil one purchases not only leaves the individual happy but also ready to but the oils again. This article only gives you the essential oils that are ranked top due to their performance, safety and also quality. One of this essential oils should be your next order.

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