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10 Best Olive Oil Brands 2020

The Best  Olive oil is well known for its superiority to vegetable oils that are readily available for consumers. Olive oil comes with a different taste and nutrition level, unlike the vegetable oils. Olive oil brands are used for cooking, dipping and also finishing. The different names are all different when it comes to taste, flavor and also texture. This provides consumers with a wide variety to select from.

Table of the Best Olive oil Reviews


Kasandrinos Organic Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil

10. Kasandrinos Organic Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil

It is 100% organic making it healthy and perfect for vegans. The oil has no genetically modified ingredients. It is medically cold pressed that helps to lock in delicious flavors from the olives that are picked when they are very ripe. It has a bright color and perfect flavor that is extracted from the olives. The bottle used in packaging helps in capturing the flavor of the oil since they are dark.

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PJ KABOS Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

9. PJ KABOS Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is manufactured in Greece giving it a unique taste. The olives used are cold pressed after harvesting, they do not contain any GMO and are BPA free. The taste of this product varies from delicate to medium. This gives different users a chance to choose based on your taste and preference. The packaging also makes it an excellent choice since it can fit very well in any kitchen. The price is also great.

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Papa Vince Fresh Harvest olive oil

8. Papa Vince Fresh Harvest olive oil

It is made with olives, but it has a taste of tomato, pepper and also artichoke. It is 100% unblended and comes unfiltered and unrefined. The oils also feature richness in antioxidants and also essential oils thus making it adamant and fresh. The freshly harvested olives used do not have insecticides, pesticides or herbicides. They quality is maintained in every production thus making able to deliver the best service now and again.

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Papa Vince Family Olive Oil, Extra Virgin

7. Papa Vince Family Olive Oil, Extra Virgin

Papa Vince brand is well known on the market for the quality olive oils it has introduced. This particular product comes with a light texture. It has no aftertaste, unlike other olive oil brands. This means that you can enjoy dipping without having to worry about the taste. It has low acidity, and it is ideal for use by vegans. It comes raw, unfiltered and unrefined thus giving the user oil that has natural nutrients and flavors.

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Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil

6. Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It comes highly rated on the market due to its health benefits and performance. The oil is packed in an ergonomically shaped bottle that is very easy to pour when needed. The oil is used in grilling, pasta sauces, roasting and also soups. It can also be used for other cooking needs for different users making it very versatile. The strong flavor it leaves in your meals will certainly leave you certified.

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Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2L

5. Kirkland Signature Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2L

If you want an oil that is of the finest quality, this is the go-to product. It can give your food and amazing flavor. It is made with ingredients that are organic thus making it safe for consumption. This Olive Oil can be used either cold or hot without interfering with its performance. If you want the best olive oil, that will meet your needs in vinaigrettes and to marinate. This is the go to product.

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Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 Liter Tins

4. Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 Liter Tins

It is extracted from olives that are from Cornicabra olives groves in Spain. It has quality seal thus assuring the user that the manufacturers meet the set standards by NAOOA. The ingredients used provide a good flavor and also make the oil is delicious. It comes with numerous health benefits that are not included in the vegetable oils available. The extra virgin olive oil comes at a reasonable price making it inexpensive.

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Zoe Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3. Zoe Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This oil is cold pressed, and it comes with a balance of fruits and butter. It also features flavors from pepper, almond, fresh basil and artichoke heart. The Olive Oil is also blended with excellent Spanish varieties that include hojiblanca and picual. It has no chemicals or additives thus making sure that it deposits only health benefits to the user. The product has been certified by NAOOA which guarantees the user that its quality is perfect.

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Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2. Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This virgin oil is authentic and comes certified for use on the market. It has been well processed so as not to interfere with its quality. It is extracted from olives that are harvested in Europe.  Olive Oil comes with a very strong and pure taste. The color and the texture is also incomparable to others on the market. It is packed in a bottle that is transparently allowing the user to know when the oil is almost finished and need to be replenished.

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Partanna Extra Virgin, Best Olive Oil

1. Partanna Extra Virgin, Best Olive Oil

This oil comes with versatile uses. It can be utilized when dipping, finishing and also when cooking. The manufacturers guarantee that the oil has low acidity levels. It has different flavors from pepper, artichoke and also almond. It is well packed in a 34-ounce tin and is well priced on the market. This makes it affordable for most people. The tin is easy to open so as to avoid spills and messes.

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These ten brands of olive oil all have different things to offer the user. Their features have all been indicated above and we encourage you to go through the article before selecting the brand to buy. This article will guide you to getting only the best in terms of functionality, performance and health benefits. They are all of high quality and will not waste your money.

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