10 Best Skateboards Brands For 2019 Reviews

Skating as a sporting activity involves someone moving with a support of a skateboard.  A skateboard product is designed to make it easy for you to ride when your owner knows how useful it is.Skating with poor skateboards is life risking since one can have an accident which can cause a lot of injuries.

We can not stop skiing because of the risk of such accidents. We think of the importance of this good quality boardboard to ensure that we protect a lot from when you become the owner of today. I am here to take you through some of the best skateboards which one should use.

Table of the Best Skateboards:


Sector 9 Highline Complete Skateboard

10. Sector 9 Highline Complete Skateboard

This skateboard is designed with quality materials like, 8.0” Gullwing mission truck, nine ball wheels, grees ball bearings and herded steel bolts. It has a riding styles like; cruise, carving, and commuter among others. The skateboard wheels may vary depending on the manufacturer. This type of skateboard gives the skater a firm grip and cannot easily loose stability while skating.

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SCSK8 Pro Skateboard

9. SCSK8 Pro Skateboard

This board appears strong and has grees ball bearings. It is a complete pre-assembled cruiser which can be used in different skating grounds. The skateboard is strong enough to support one person and cannot be easily broken. Assembling of the components is easy since all the connection joints are unique. This skateboard gives the skater some comfort and the entire activity becomes interesting.

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Skatro – Mini Cruiser Skateboard

8. Skatro - Mini Cruiser Skateboard

For those who are not comfortable with skateboards which are not complete, here comes the best choice for you. Skatro – Mini Cruiser Skateboard is complete and ready to use. No time wasted in assembling its components, you just need to purchase and get into the field. . 22x6inch Retro Style Plastic Board which Comes Complete from the market. This board is strong and makes the skating activity easy and enjoyable.

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Penny Nickel

7. Penny Nickel

This board is complete from the manufacturer. The market they appear in different color depending on the manufacturer. This product is well-manufactured that delivers exceptionally lubricating properties to prevent tear and wear and thus improve efficiency. Penny Nickel is slightly raised from the ground, this property prevents its components from wearing out when in contact with ground. Penny Nickel unique for its long lasting effect.

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High Bounce

6. High Bounce

This skateboard is complete from manufacturer. It is made of plastic cruiser and is fully assembled. It has super smooth wheels with seven ball bearings to facilitate free movement and reduce friction. The Axles are made of high quality aluminum, this makes it stronger than the plastic ones. It does not break easily since aluminum does not break easily. It can support a maximum weight of 85kg and it is 22” Length 6”W 4”n Height.

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Penny Classic

5. Penny Classic

It is a complete skateboard and is ready to use. It has a 22” long cruiser of Penny plastic. The materials making this skateboard are of a high quality and that’s why it can last for long. These materials include; quality Abec 7 stainless steel bearings, high tensile bolts and 3” aluminum truck. The pad panel can be strong enough to use all kinds of gaming ground.Maintenance cost is minimal since the components used to make this skateboard are of high quality.

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Krown Rookie

4. Krown Rookie

This is a product of Canadian Maple Construction. Krown Rookie is one of the strongest skateboards with 7.5-Inch x 31-Inch Deck and 5.0” Aluminum trucks. It is very strong and long lived. The Krown Rookie fully assembled and ready to use. It gives the skater firm grip and stability while skating.  This is a slightly heavyweight board and gives the whole system the stability you need when we ride it. Fits well and the hazard is well managed. Components are of high quality, so maintenance costs are minimal.

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Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Skateboard

3. Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Skateboard

It Complete with 22 Inch Standard Retro Style Plastic Board.  Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Skateboardhas a high-speed bearing which enables the user to move at a very high speed. It also comprises of 59mm super smooth and high durability wheel which copes with the required speed. This skateboard is good for the experienced person who can move at very high speed. It is highly recommended for its stability more so when at very high speeds. This skateboard is good for individual in skating competition.

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Penny Graphic

2. Penny Graphic

This is a very strong skate board, it can support higher speed compared to Cal 7 mini. It has a 22” long deck, 3.315 penny trucks and 59mm penny wheels. These wheels are responsible for the high speed which it supports. It is highly recommended for experienced personnel who can cope with its speed. It is great for adults though there are some models for kinds but the experienced kinds. The components of this skateboard are strong and this makes the board to last for long. It is economical since maintenance cases are rare.

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Rimable Skateboard

1. Rimable Skateboard

It is a plastic cruiser Fully Assembled with flashing wheels. It has a high quality 3 inch thick aluminum trucks. These components give this skateboard its uniqueness. It is the strongest and the latest skateboard with the most improvised components. It can support a load of 90 kg maximum. The wheels are super smooth has ABEC-7 speed bearing. This skateboard cannot be compared with the others. Many have liked it and it still remains the best. From the market this skateboard is complete hence no time wasted in assembling it components.

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With the best use of the device, we always have the quality and pleasure of being with your friends. Purchasing the best Skateboards will enable one to skate safely. Accidents will be minimal and little capital is required in maintenance since breakdowns are minimal. Do want to save your cash in purchasing and maintaining skateboards? Now place your order and you will never regret.

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